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Dr. Bauerschmidt received his Medical Degree from the Ohio State University, was residency trained in Family Practice and board certified in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Bauerschmidt spent more than 22 years in Emergency Medicine, including Medical Director of Emergency Services at Imperial Point Medical Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He received his MBA from the University of South Florida and his undergraduate from the University of Toledo. Dr. Bauerschmidt is a member and past President of the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) and is certified in Chelation Therapy by ACAM. He also completed a year-long Fellowship in Environmental Medicine under the most esteemed practitioners. Currently, Dr. Bauerschmidt is the National Medical Advisor for Live02 and is well-known for his design of a powerful cellular cleanse protocol using Live02 combined with other modalities Dr. Bauerschmidt also had his own personal experience with mold illness – One that he wished to share on our page. Dr. B’s Mold Journey: For several years after beginning the practice of Functional Medicine I found that simply balancing hormones, fixing the gut, and helping people address their adrenal fatigue left about 20% of patients that were just not getting better as much as desired. Being a tenacious sort, I began to deep dive into the why? The answer came in a year-long Environmental Medicine course where I learned the impact of things like pesticides, herbicides, plastics, teflon, chemicals, toxic metals and mold on our health. This course was so impactful that I committed to devoting the rest of my life to helping people overcome illness due to environmental factors. I closed my Functional Medicine practice and moved halfway across the country to start an Environmental Medicine cleansing program at a very prestigious Functional Medicine Clinic. Quickly upon arrival I developed extreme fatigue followed by brain fog. My brain fog was so severe that while talking to a patient I began struggling to remember what I just asked. At the same time, my recent abdominal surgery that had been healing well started developing complications which landed me back in the hospital for more surgery. Even with the best minds at my fingertips, no one could understand what was happening. Boom. One day walking in the lower level where the library was I noticed water leaking in during a rainstorm. It hit me like the concrete wall I was looking at; I wasn’t suffering from severe adrenal fatigue from my two surgeries, closing a practice and moving my family halfway across the country following my professional passion… I was suffering from mold illness. The timing could not have been worse, the mold exposure had caused dysregulation of my immune system at a critical healing time after surgery. Despite consulting with my colleagues and mentors in Functional and Environmental medicine, my downward spiral was difficult to stop in time for my surgeries to heal. Unfortunately, it led me to have to endure a total of 5 painful abdominal surgeries and through it I lost many feet of intestines. To save my life, I dove deeply into mold recovery and at that time there were only two camps for mold illness. One program didn’t seem to address the mold directly and the other protocol addressed only the mold and not the other downstream effects on the body. I realized that neither were addressing the whole picture. So, through research, experimentation and testing, I developed my own hybrid program that I now offer to patients to successfully deal with all aspects of mold illness. I literally paid with my guts and hope that my journey will help others recover from the nightmare of mold illness


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