Bridget Somine



Dr. Bridget Somine Specializes in gut and immune health, histamine intolerance and nervous system stress. She supports patients with mold-related illness in recovering from symptoms as well as healing from the chronic stress and nervous system hyper-vigilance that mold exposure can cause. Her goal is to help patients rebuild their resilience and regain their freedom. Dr. Somine is a California licensed naturopathic doctor, having completed her doctoral training at Bastyr University, followed by a one year clinical teaching residency. She emphasizes nutritional and herbal medicine in her practice, also weaving in Ayurvedic medicine, hands on therapies such as visceral integration, and uses pharmaceuticals judiciously when indicated. She has been practicing in Santa Rosa, CA since 2013, where she is available for office visits or via telemedicine.


95 Montgomery Dr. Ste 90 Santa Rosa, California 95404





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