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Our Goal

Find a better way to remediate mold & indoor air quality issues.

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Our Goal

Find a better way to remediate mold & indoor air quality issues.

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We are an environmental services company with the client in mind, having worked with doctors across the country for over a decade. We are one of the premiere mold removal companies in the country and we work with the most experienced practitioners. We specialize in many different types of environmental problems including mold inspection and testing, bacterial inspection, VOC testing, and mold and mycotoxin removal. When you ask "is there mold removal near me" our answer is that we are a nation-wide company that is out to help as many people as we can. We work to keep the cost of mold remediation as low as possible while still providing a quality service. We have dozens of mold inspectors on our staff to help you and your family. The Mold Pros offer affordable services, knowledgeable staff, and Eco-friendly treatment products. We have three main service categories: Inspection, Remediation, and Consultation. We provide our clients consultations on structural and medical tests that could give us insight into what problems might be involved in your indoor environment. We provide multiple types of environmental inspection, and multiple levels of remediation to solve indoor environmental problems.

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Why We Do It

Our Story

Our roots date back to the founding of National Remediation Inc. in 2009. The vision was to safely and effectively treat indoor mold issues without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins. In 2011, we became affiliated with Midwest Environmental Professionals (MEP). Based in the Kansas City metro area, MEP worked with several health care providers which specialized in mold related health concerns. 2013 brought the development of our Proprietary Formula. Used exclusively by The Mold Pros, our proven safe-and-effective bio-enzyme solution treats mold naturally… with science!

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Client Testimonials

I can't say enough about this team. Colorado was absolutely incredible in handling all the logistics for testing
and treating our home. The branch manager was knowledgable, professional, and so supportive throughout the entire process.
As I'm struggling with health issues related to mold exposure, the branch manager helped to guide me along the way with a sincere
sense of care and compassion. They managed to address all of our concerns and get our home taken care of seamlessly, even in the
midst of a pandemic. The team that tested and treated our home was also knowledgeable and professional. Thank you all for
handling your business with such a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism. We are grateful.
- Tami, Colorado
I had a wonderful experience with The Mold Pros. They wer easy to work with and very responsive to questions
throughout the process. Every home in a humid location should be tested and treated periodically. Environmental
Illness is the leading cause of dis-ease. Put the health of you and your family first. The Mold Pros makes it possible for
everyone in the family to feel health and happy at home.
-Margarete, Florida
"This company is great, they were on the problem the same day that I contacted them, and proceeded to set up the
appointment for filling cracks and cleaning the basement. This was all done in less than two weeks, with reports
sent to me explaining what was done and how it was completed. They were very professional in all aspects
of the process. I would recommend them to all interested parties. We now feel completely safe and
secure in our home and basement. Thank you all.
- Donald, Missouri
John's team went above and beyond to make sure our house was remediated and ready for remodel, they
even got us in before Christmas! All in all the experience of working with The Mold Pros was excellent and I would highly
recommend them to anyone looking for quality, knowledgeable, professional and effective mold remediation.
Our 1958 house looks, feels and breathes fresh and clean and I feel confident that I can call on them again should
I have any questions or concerns going forward. Thank you Mold Pros!
- Nuria, California
"My mother had severe mold issues in her townhouse in the basement. I called The Mold Pros. The owner promptly
came out and tested her townhouse. After we received the results, John and crew went to work and did an amazing job. John
was so knowledgeable about all kinds of mold, etc... His estimate was very fair, even generous! He went above and beyond the
call of duty. Making sure he zapped as much spores as possible. Also, the entire house was wiped down and HEPA vacuumed.
They also, tested again after the remediation. All is well. John and his staff are very professional and trustworthy. They are the only
ones to call if anyone discovers mold in their house. We would highly recommend this company!! Thanks so much!
- Alisa & Phyllis, Kansas
"When we first discussed your company doing the Mold Remediation in our home, I felt sure that you and your staff would do a good job.
I never thought that you and your staff would do such a terrific job. When my wife and I returned to the home after the completion of work,
we found the house in PERFECT ORDER!!!! Everything had been vacuumed, dusted, wiped clean, just a great job. The report came
back from the laboratory and every item on the report as below the baseline. I was very impressed that every one of the twenty-four
items on the treated plan was done to our satisfaction. After the report, the people who were interested in buying the house,
wrote us a contract!! Thanks for your help and total professionalism"
- Ed
"Everything looks great! I am really impressed by how helpful you and your company have been. Living halfway across
the country made it difficult to take care of my house. You and your crew lived up to and exceeded your excellent reputation.
Should I get the chance I would gladly recommend your services to anyone that needs them. Even my contractor was
really impressed by the quality of the work that you and your crew performed. Due to the least invasive procedures that
your company uses I was able to not only save money by using your services but I also saved money on
remodeling costs. Thanks again John!"
- Robert

A Water-Damaged Home & Health of Occupants

Learn about a family of five and pet dog who rented a water-damaged home and developed multiple health problems. The home was analyzed for species of mold and bacteria.

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