What is Mold?

Molds grow naturally in the environment. They are fungi that can be found anywhere you look, even inside a building. While there are over 100,000 species worldwide, there are only about 1,000 species in the United States. Mold helps break down organic matter, such as dead brush, last year’s leaves and dead animals. It is also used to create cheese and penicillin.

Mold Basics

Indoor Mold

While mold is beneficial to the environment, it is not beneficial to your home, business and health if it is growing inside. All indoor mold growth should be avoided, which means using ventilation fans and repairing roof leaks, plumbing leaks and other problems that allow water and moisture to get into your home.

Where Does Mold Grow?

Mold grows on just about any surface as long as it has oxygen and moisture, and an organic food source. When mold reproduces, it creates tiny seeds, called spores. You cannot see the spores with a naked eye. The mold spores constantly float through the air, looking for a damp dark place to settle and grow.

If you have excess moisture in your home, the mold spores floating through the air become attracted to the “perfect environment” and start to grow. Whatever they land on, they digest it. If left alone long enough, mold could even create structural damage to buildings.

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Can All Mold Spores Be Eliminated?

It is impossible to eliminate all mold spores, but by controlling the amount of moisture in the home, you can control the amount of mold indoors. Since mold requires water to grow, keeping all water out of the walls, appliances and the basement hinders excessive mold growth.


In the 1970s, building practices were changed by creating tighter buildings. This lessens ventilation, which allows mold to grow should you have a leak or leave water in appliances for extended periods. Thus, when you find a problem that allows moisture into the home, you should repair the problem as soon as possible to prevent the growth of mold.

Our trained technicians also adhere to EPA guidelines for mold remediation and testing procedures.

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