The Mold Pros believe in conducting what we call “Right-Sized” Remediations. This is based on a thorough, comprehensive inspection. This inspection provides a wide range of environmental sampling and moisture detection in order to discover the full fungal ecology of the structure. The findings allow The Mold Pros to build a remediation proposal of how best to return the home to a normal fungal ecology, getting as specific as even a partial home remediation.

What is a Traditional Remediation?

  • Negative air machines during demolition
  • Can include the use of harsh, caustic chemicals
  • HVAC treatment in moderate & major contamination
  • May involve excessive demolition of building materials
  • Often recommends disposal of personal contents 
  • HEPA vacuuming filtration to .3 microns

What is The TMP Way?

  • Enzyme/Botanical based mold treatment
  • Treatment of contaminated HVAC
  • Removal/Disposal of contaminated items per EPA guidelines
  • Commercial HEPA air scrubbing containments during demo
  • Treatment of non-porous, salvageable personal contents
  • Advanced filtration to .1 microns, higher than HEPA, to capture hyphal fragments and finer particulates

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