Jessica Perley



Jessica Perley is a family nurse practitioner who specializes in Integrative Medicine. She combines conventional and biomedical training to develop individualized treatment plans for patients. The goal of her therapy is to support the environmental, genetic, and emotional factors that contribute to symptoms which have no known etiology. She prides herself on having performed hundreds of hours of literature reviews in attempt to understand what the evidence shows to be effective for her patients and why. Jessica received her Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and medical biochemistry training through the University of New England. Jessica owns and operates an Integrative Telehealth practice. She is a former clinical consultant for The Great Plains Laboratory where she gained tremendous experience with bio-individualized medicine. At present, she is teaching courses for Psychiatry Redefined, an Integrative fellowship program for psychiatrists and mental health professionals. She lives in Ashland, OR where she also practices Family Medicine in her rural community.


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