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Dr. Joel Rosen is the founder of His mission is to teach burnt-out men and women the truth about adrenal fatigue so that they can get their health back naturally. The truth is, adrenal fatigue goes deeper than just the adrenals. Dr. Joel teaches stressed-out adults that recovery requires this understanding. Because healing really involves repairing your broken down HPA axis, otherwise known as your stress response system. Restoring your circadian rhythm, understanding the impact that all environmental stressors have on the body, and how your genetic “uniqueness” all combine together. Resulting in your fatigue. That can be tested, measured, and improved upon. Dr. Joel utilizes his undergraduate degrees in exercise physiology and psychology as his foundation’s theory and framework to understand the human body. His graduate training, and becoming a doctor of chiropractic, started his professional journey. But his own health challenges, bombarded by all the usual stressors, lead to his own burnout and exhaustion. That lead to the discovery of adrenal fatigue. The knowledge, training, and self-awareness, lead to the discovery of the truth about adrenal fatigue. The truth that fatigue impacts your body at the cellular level, and must be restored. Appropriately and effectively. With continued graduate training, Dr. Joel became a Functional Medicine Practitioner with a focus on nutrigenomics. Dr. Joel and his wife and twins reside in Boca Raton, where his private practice is located. Coaching clients reside all over the world, made simple and effective through zoom calls, and the ability to mail the proper testing internationally. Dr. Joel hosts his podcast “the less stress life” where he is passionate about impacting more than just the burnout and exhausted individual. Dr. Joel believes that the health care system model is also broken, and also needs to be repaired. That health care model needs a paradigm shift. From the outdated, reductionistic, pharmaceutically based model, to the latest science that combines nutrition, biochemistry, genetics, and environmental factors, and their impacts on the human body. Dr. Joel now educates tens of thousands of people around the world on how to regain their energy and their lives.


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