Sarah Williams



Dr. Williams has been working in the field of functional medicine for 40 years. Her practice is centered around functional immunology and immune resilience. Areas of focus include adrenal dysfunction & chronic stress, asthma & sinus issues, autoimmune, brain fog, cardiometabolic issues, chronic fatigue, anxiety & depression, digestive disorders, eczema & skin rashes, mold-induced mycotoxin illnesses, hormonal imbalances, Lyme disease and co-infections, and other chronic illnesses. Dr. Williams graduated from the University of Western States' Doctor of Chiropractic program in 1981 and became licensed as a Chiropractic physician. Through extensive training in functional medicine, functional immunology, homepathy, nutrigenomics, and nutrition, including earning a Masters of Science in Nutrition, she is able to provide patients with a comprehensive approach to health care and a path to wellness. Dr. Williams' passion for vibrant health began at a young age due to asthma. Her quest to find a holistic way to restore her own health led her to become a healthcare practitioner who focuses on root causes. After decades of helping her patients overcome their health challenges, Dr. Williams found herself facing her own battle with Lyme Disease, Babesia and mold mycotoxins. Fortunately, she found the clinical tools necessary to heal herself in the field of Functional Immunology. Dr. Williams' own experience has enabled her to give patients the tools they need for a blanaced immune system and greater overall health.


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