Crack Repair

Cracks on the floors or in the walls allow moisture and water into your home or business. Once the moisture gets trapped inside, mold spores that float through the air have the perfect spot for multiplying and growing. Cracks can be caused by the building settling or by improper drainage which causes erosion. Failure to properly repair foundation cracks can lead to mold and structural issues in a home or building.

The Mold Pros' Crack Repair Process

The Mold Pros’ crack repair process uses polyurethane resin to bind the crack so that water and moisture can no longer get through the crack. Traditional crack repair methods use epoxy or caulk to seal the crack. Over time, the caulk or epoxy shrinks as it dries and allows the crack to re-open and allow moisture back into the building.

Polyurethane has a seal that repels water and doesn’t shrink, so the crack cannot re-open. Furthermore, The Mold Pros uses high-pressure, closed-cell injections to fill the cracks, further reducing the possibility that the crack could re-open. This process stops leaks and is ideally used for dry cracks that “move”, wet cracks, cracks in the floor or walls, and cracks above and below grade.

Our trained technicians also utilize EPA guidelines for mold remediation and testing procedures.

"My mother had severe mold issues in her townhouse in the basement. I called Midwest Environmental Pros. The owner promptly came out and tested her townhouse. After we received the results, John and crew went to work and did an amazing job. John was so knowledgeable about all kinds of mold, etc… His estimate was very fair, even generous! He went above and beyond the call of duty. Making sure he zapped as much spores as possible. Also, the entire house was wiped down and hepa vacuumed. They also, tested again after the remediation. All is well. John and his staff are very professional and trustworthy. They are the only ones to call if anyone discovers mold in their house. We would highly recommend this company!! Thanks so much!"

- Alisa & Phyllis

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