Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC Testing)

Indoor air pollution is one risk that you can avoid if informed. A TMP Home Inspection can give you peace-of-mind and put you on the path to a healthier home.

What are VOC's?

VOC’s, also known as Volatile Organic Compounds, are chemicals that off-gas from materials such as furniture, flooring, paints, cosmetics, cleaning products and fabrics. These chemicals build up in our homes and offices and influence the health of occupants that are sensitive or have existing allergies. This problem is usually exacerbated by poor ventilation that allows odors to occur. The presence of these VOC’s can be determined through specialized testing that will enable hygienists to determine a course of action. Several studies exist that highlight the effects of VOC’s on residents, including one journal written by Sarigiannis et al that evaluates the overall risk of VOC’s in indoor environments. The EPA also recognizes the following symptoms being correlated with VOC’s.

Symptoms of VOC's

Metallic Taste
Eye Irritation
Shortness of Breath
Prolonged Exposure May Be Life Threatening

Detecting & Treating VOC's

Here at TMP, we offer both Formaldehyde and VOC sampling using state of the art equipment. When sampling for VOC’s, an air sample is taken inside a home where all of the exterior doors and windows are closed. Samples will be taken at inhalation levels for roughly two to four hours. Remediation includes the relocation of the items in question to allow it to off-gas. This will  also allow the house to properly ventilate. The air will be scrubbed using a carbon or chemical filter.

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