Water Mitigation

The Mold Pros offers quick water mitigation for our commercial, government and residential clients, working with your insurance company to take care of the damage. This service is offered locally in relation to our offices - contact your local branch. (CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN DALLAS, FT WORTH, TX)


Water damage can occur at any time, in any place. There are a wide array of reasons a building may experience water damage. These include: 

  • Frozen & Burst Pipes
  • Flooded Basements
  • Sewage Backup
  • Sump Pump Failure
  • Roof Leaks
  • Slab Leaks
  • Plumbing Overflow
  • HVAC Failure
  • Storm Damage

All of these problems can lead to further home issues, such as mold and bacteria growth, as well as further damage to the structure, if not addressed quickly.

The Mold Pros Water Mitigation Services

24/7 Emergency Service Response
Structural Damage Assessment
Sewage Cleanup & Disinfection
Extraction of Excess Water & Contaminated Building Materials
Storm Damage Cleanup
Flood Recovery & Structural Dying
Sump Pump Cleanup

The TMP Water Mitigation Solution

The Mold Pros understand the importance of quick action when it comes to water loss in a structure. As soon as you notice water intrusion, it's imperative to contact your local branch, as the water will continue to cause damage until it is dried out. It's important to understand that, under your insurance, if not mitigated immediately, this could negatively impact coverage.

TMP uses state of the art equipment to assess and remove water from the premises. Our goal is to dry the structure in an efficient and thorough manner. With the understanding of the damage a water loss can cause, TMP works to ensure that your water loss does not become a bigger problem for the home.

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