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Mold is often mistaken as a pesky nuisance. In reality, it can have far-reaching health implications, like allergic rhinitis, asthma and chronic illness, impacting day-to-day activities.

Comprehensive Mold Inspection and Remediation

Mold is often mistaken as a pesky nuisance. In reality, it can have far-reaching health implications, like allergic rhinitis, asthma and chronic illness, impacting day-to-day activities. Lurking in dark, moist areas, mold can affect not just a property’s aesthetics but damage everything from drywall and insulation to floorboards and carpeting. With premiere mold removal specialists like The Mold Pros, treating indoor mold issues is now safe, effective, and affordable.

Led by experienced mold inspectors, the company is pushing the boundaries in the environmental testing field, focusing on comprehensive indoor air quality inspections and remediation services for residential and commercial clients.

The Mold Pros’ focus on indoor air quality inspections is not merely about identifying visible issues; it’s about uncovering the root causes of health concerns. What sets the company apart is its methodical approach, beginning with exterior-to-interior assessments. Thorough examinations of wet areas are conducted, including bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas, which are hotspots for mold growth. Advanced tools like infrared thermal cameras, moisture meters, and borescopes are used for this purpose. The team also leverages cutting-edge techniques like polymerase chain reaction testing to identify mold species producing toxins.

During the inspection process, they also look for the root cause of the problem, which could be a past water leak, wet roof, or high humidity. Testing for mycotoxins, endotoxins, and VOCs is also performed. A detailed digital report is sent to clients detailing the areas inspected.

Once the samples are collected, they are sent to a nationally accredited, third-party lab that delivers a report on the types and quantities of mold present in each sample. A Mold Pros expert reviews the report with customers and makes recommendations for a suitable course of action.

“Our high-touch process begins with a thorough inspection, trying to determine the what, where, and why. We then build a scope of work to resolve the issue, if any,” says John Bohde, vice president of The Mold Pros.

An immediate treatment plan is set into motion, where the team uses proprietary formulas of enzymes and botanicals, steering clear of harsh chemicals. The bio-enzyme solution breaks down mold spores, leaving behind a fresh fragrance and no harmful residues. After the remediation is complete, post-testing is recommended to ensure the building is at a normal fungal ecology.

A notable case that highlights The Mold Pros’ efficacy is about a client from Indiana battling multiple sclerosis. Her healthcare providers referred her to the company to get her house mold inspected. The team quickly discovered severe mold and mycotoxin exposure, which her physician thought had worsened her health. A meticulous inspection and remediation process was conducted, and third-party retest reports were provided, verifying mold and mycotoxins were no longer at an elevated level inside her home. With The Mold Pros’ help, she noticed significant improvements in her clinical results.

The expertise of its team plays a pivotal role in ensuring the same high-quality standards for mold remediation every time. Beyond industry-standard training, the company employs an in house learning management system to educate its professionals on the latest developments in environmental health. This emphasis on learning and knowledge sharing makes sure clients receive the best possible service from a team well-equipped to address complex challenges.

On a mission to enhance people’s quality of life by tackling indoor contaminants at the roots, The Mold Pros, a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC), is rewriting the playbook for creating healthier indoor environments. As it expands its reach across the U.S., it is poised to grow, offering individuals and communities a breath of fresh air.

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