Environmental Assessment with Irv: Cabin Air Filters

In Irv's monthly blog, he discusses the impact that a contaminated cabin air filter can have on the environment inside our vehicles.

We spend a lot of time in our cars – whether it’s commuting to work, grocery shopping, taking our kids to school, going on a trip, or just taking a drive. But, how much do we know about the air we are breathing while driving? Microbes, are ubiquitous and can have an influence on your health. The Cabin Air Filter, not to be confused with the engine filter, is designed to provide fresh filtered air to the inside of the car (i.e. the cabin). In so many instances, drivers only think about changing this filter when a technician recommends it during servicing. With this in mind, many people may go years before changing the cabin air filter.

The best way to think about this filter is much like the HVAC filter for your home. This filer is likely full of bacteria, molds and possible viruses. This accumulation of microbes is filtered into the car when the AC and heater, meaning that those riding in the car would be inhaling these particulates into your lungs and sinus cavities. Over time this can cause irritation and, if left unkempt, further allergic reactions.

Many people already dealing with an environmental illness or other respiratory issues are unknowingly exacerbating their health if the cabin air filter is left unchanged for too long. We have seen cases where the home or place of business has been cleaned or cleared of environmental contamination, only to have the occupants re-exposed by getting into their car.

The best advice is this: replace your cabin air filter ever 3 months and vacuum the inside of your car to remove microbes that have settled. This will not only prevent any allergenic symptoms to occur, but keep consistent clean air circulating through your vehicle.

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